Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

I was always the type of person who gravitated towards neutral browns and golds. So when I received this as a gift I was a little skeptical as to the colors. I thought that this wouldn't be that wearable for everyday, but I was presently surprised! I always hear about the Urban Decay Naked Palette or Too Faced Natural Palette, so I thought I would review a palette that is less talked about.

 I really love the packaging of the palette - especially the magnetic lid. It opens and closes really smoothly. It's also an easy shape to have in my collection and to travel with! I am never afraid of the eye shadows shattering. This does come with three cards that detail on how you could use the shadows, to get some more ideas.

 There's 9 shadows, and each row sort of has its `'theme'. Day, Classic, and Fashion. The formulation of these shadows is definitely worth the cost. All of the eye shadows are so buttery and pigmented, and best of all easy to blend! My favorite shadows are Soulmates, 'Honeymoon', and 'I Do'!

(L-R) From each theme: Day, Classic, and Fashion
Being a total of $36, I feel that this is definitely worth the cost with each shadow being $4, a great price for high quality. The only thing that stands out to me are the two colors Kiss the Bride and Bouquet Toss. Both are a pale, matte color that I find it annoying to have two shadows that look so similar. Otherwise, I think this is a unique palette to have in your collection if you don't already have colors close to this. It's a good mixture of neutral and wearable colors different from the typical browns!

Overall Rating: 4/5
Would Recommend: Yes, unless you already have similar colors.
Cost: $$

Hope you enjoyed! What are your go to palettes?

Stephanie xx

Friday, July 19, 2013

Outdoor Concert Essentials + Tips!

This summer was the first time I really loved going to concerts - and they were all outdoors! On July 13th I attended the 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction concert in Chicago, and on July 17th my local city had a Party In the Park w/various artists.
It was really a learning experience and I had SO much fun! I never thought that I would be one to enjoy being squished with so many people and sweaty and dancing, but boy was I wrong. The 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction concert was definitely not that bad weather wise, because it was more at night and it never got that hot. Also, I had my own assigned seat. At Party in The Park, all of my friends and I waited in line 5 1/2 hours before the doors opened just to be really close to the stage; it turned out to be 95 degrees that day...sigh


This is probably the most important item to have when it is just so hot outside. I know a couple people almost passed out, and water will keep you cool and hydrated. Freeze a ton of water bottles to drink throughout the day and it will stay cold!
-Sunscreen with at least spf 30
With the sun beating down on you, a cooling spray sunscreen will keep you protected, and will also be very refreshing.
-Lip balm w/spf
Did you know that your lips can be sun burnt as well?? When it does happen, your lips will feel warm and can even get sun blisters! Most lip balms may already have spf, so it is really easy to find and buy. 
-A deck of cards
This was so helpful to pass the long hours of waiting in line! Some of my favorite card games are BS, Egyptian Ratscrew, and Speed! It is fun to play with lots of friends and kept us from being bored. 
-An old purse
Depending on the concert or festival you go to, things might get really wet. Everyone was sprayed with a hose every half our to keep cool, and I became soaked. Make sure to not bring nice leather purses or anything because there is a good chance it could get ruined!
-Comfortable clothes + shoes!!!
I was so glad that I wore just a tshirt that I cut the sleeves off,shorts, and old sandals to Party in the Park. I got soaked - but I didn't care because I wasn't wearing anything fancy.
-Waterproof Mascara
This is so important because you are definitely going to sweat. I saw multiple girls with racoon eyes, something that no one wants to have! Mascara was the only makeup I wore because I knew I was going to be outside for 10+ hours. 

Final Tip: My main idea would be to bring things that you would not mind throwing away/getting dirty! Things that you would not miss because it can get pretty crazy! And plan AHEAD: where to meet, what time to meet, and carpooling with the people you are going with. This is especially important for safety reasons, and there will be thousands of people. 

Happy concert going!

Before the 1D and 5SOS Concert!

Ed Sheeran!! (Source)
Stephanie xx

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's In My Travel Makeup Bag?

This weekend I am heading to Chicago for a concert and to visit family. I thought this would be a good time to show you all my essentials for trips; it may look like a lot of makeup for 3 days, but this is everything I (think I) need! This makeup bag is from Target by Sonia Kashuk which I bought a long time ago. They do not sell this exact color anymore, but now it comes in different gorgeous prints, all only $10! Sonia Kashuk is exclusively sold at Target, but available to buy online as well.
Floral Print
Tile Print
Yarn Print - my favorite!
Dot Print

My favorite thing about this makeup bag is not only how compact it is, but the clear plastic  is nice so I can easily see all of the products!

Right Side: Brushes, Tools, and smaller makeup products

Mini Cargo Bronzer - Medium (Shimmery)

The only cheek product I really use on trips is this bronzer or lipstick to save space!

Left Side: Face + Eye Products

Mini Makeup Forever HD Powder
Wet N' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit - Ash Brown (I only use the darker color)
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
Anastasia Brow Gel
L'oreal Magic Lumi Highlighter/Concealer - Medium
L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer - W-6-7-8 Medium/Deep
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Slim Eye Pencil - Velvet (A light gold used as an eye base)
Maybelline One By One Waterproof Mascara

On this trip, I kept my face powder and lip product in my purse to use throughout the day. The small cosmetic bag is from Clinique.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - Beige
Clinique Almost Lipstick - Black Honey
Clinique In-A-Rush-Blush (only the brush)

I hope you enjoyed this post of what I like to bring when I travel. I try to bring as many smaller or mini size products as possible because it saves so much space.

Thanks for reading :)

Stephanie xx

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner

It always takes me a couple months to see if I really like a skincare product. Sometimes, they are amazing for the first couple days...but bad long term. I bought this toner from Target because I wanted something refreshing and to remove excess oil. My skin gets pretty oily when I wake up, and using a toner feels really nice and balancing for my skin.

This toner was only around $4 or $5 dollars, and Boots is only available at Target in the States. I have been using this before moisturizing twice a day at morning and at night for about 4 months. I am absolutely in love. This feels so refreshing just like it says, and it absorbs into the skin and doesn't make my combination skin oily at all. This would be perfect for any skin type as it is not drying or oily! It says it is meant for sensitive skin, but my skin isn't sensitive at all and the toner still works well.

I have also heard that this is a dupe for the oh so popular Bioderma and Caudalie Cleansing Water as it has the same refreshing properties. This is a much cheaper alternative if you are looking for something similar, although it doesn't remove eye makeup, but is still sensitive for the eye area.

Overall Rating: 5/5
Would Recommend: Yes
Cost: $

What are your favorite skincare products?

Stephanie xx

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Snapshots

This summer has been relaxing, fun, and stressful all at the same time so far. Here are a couple pictures of what I have been up to and loving!
Homemade puppy chow + frozen yogurt

A lonely paper lantern over the lake
New favorite shoes
Farmers' market adventures
Fun shorts from Pacsun
Diy rings

 Stephanie xx