Monday, July 27, 2015

Birchbox: Is It Worth It?

Birchbox was the first subscription service I'd ever heard of years ago, but I finally decided to try it out last month! With a coupon code from Tati, or GlamLifeGuru on Youtube, I only paid $1 just to see if I liked it instead of paying $10. The theme of the June box was "Say Yes", and I loved the design. It's adorable, and I'll be keeping the box.

Inside, there were 5 items,along with a coupon code for a "special" prize - a coupon if I spent at least $50 on their website. Inside, there was a mini dry shampoo, eyeliner, sunscreen, face mask, and BB cream. The samples were pretty small but great for travel, and my favorite is definitely the dry shampoo. The thing is, that's the only product I've used since I've received the box! 

-Not worth $10
-Small samples

-GREAT as a gift
-They have good customer service
-Affiliation with Gap.

With the affiliation with gap, you can sign up for a discounted subscription this summer at a couple of locations. Best of all in NYC, you can create your OWN box which would definitely make it worth the money! Here's all of the info with Gap.

All in all, I will not be continuing my subscription because I'm trying to get rid of more products, but this would make a great gift for friends and family!  

Have you tried any subscription boxes before? 

Friday, July 24, 2015

8 Photos of Happiness

I was so happy to see Hannah from The Swirl tag me in 8 Photos of Happiness! I loved looking though old pictures, because they always bring up old memories that I know I'll always remember. Of course, there are so many more that I wish I could've included, and I'm so blessed to be able to say that. I'll be tagging a couple of people below, bur anyone is free to do so! Here are the rules persay ---

  • Thank your nominator and link them in the post!
  • Link to the creator (Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet)
  • Post your 8 photos of happiness (the photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place, or feeling that makes you happy)
  • Either choose to write a description of the photos + why they make you happy, or you can let the photos do the talking!
  • Spread the happiness by tagging up to 10 other bloggers!

1// Senior spring break in Alabama - the beach is too beautiful.
2// Ice cream and friends!
3// The parentals at prom.
4// Senior year tennis state champs.
5// Halloween with the roommate.
6// Fall retreat with Cru!
7// Always love how close I've stayed with these two.
8// Free painting and a beautiful day out.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My First Vlog! // Taylor Swift

It's been WAY too long since my last post, so to make up for it I created my first video ever for the blog! It was so much fun to edit, and I hope to make many more in the future (whenever I do anything semi interesting). The vlog is at the end of this post!
The light up sign I made for my cousin and her fiance :)

As for the concert, it was basically everything I hoped it would be. I went with my cousin's friends and her fiance, and they were so much fun to be around. Having Shawn Mendes be an opener was amazing, and I cannot wait to see where his career will be in the future - he's only SIXTEEN. Vance Joy was flawless and adorable, and Haim was badass. Having three openers made the expensive tickets totally worth it!

Taylor was completely and utterly inspiring, and I'm glad she is a role model for many. One of my favorite things she said was that we all turn to music for the hard times, and that we are all special. Have I mentioned that I completely love her?

Her vocals impressed me, and my favorite part was when she played the song "Fifteen" from her Fearless album as a huge surprise. I grew up with that song and I remember listening to it on the bus alllllll the time when I was a freshman in high school. I also do have to say her outfit changes were beautiful, and having the venue be the magnificent Soldier Field will make July 18th one of my favorite nights of the summer. Oh, and how exactly does her red lipstick stay on the whole time??
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Learning To Live An Active Lifestyle

I’m so excited to introduce one of my best friends, Emily as a guest post writer! She is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and she has got to be one of the most driven people I know. Recently, I’ve been working out much more than I did during the school year, and I asked Emily for advice on how she keeps a healthy lifestyle even with SUCH a busy schedule. 


I’ve learned to love working out. I know 90% of the female gender will hate me for saying that, but trust me, I definitely didn’t start out that way. I’ve always been fairly athletic - I was extremely dedicated to field hockey and other sports in high school. Coming to college, my exercise regimen fell to pieces. I was so used to having a team to force me to train 11 months out of the year, that I lacked any motivation to do so on my own!

Around last November, I made an enormous change. I was fed up with myself for being so lazy, so I started working out 6 days a week, and training to run a 25K race in the spring. Finally, with a goal to keep me focused, I was committing to exercising as a lifestyle! Unfortunately, my body wasn’t ready for the pressure I put it under… by January I was forced to cut running from a knee injury. I wasn’t able to run for another 4 months. After finally finding my inspiration and learning to love running (which is NOT an easy thing to do!), it was heartbreaking to leave that dream behind. But I am so incredibly proud of myself for sticking to a 6-7 day a week workout schedule months after that setback. 

Nowadays, I spend a chunk of every day dedicated to my body. I am slowly learning to ease back into running, but not without its aches and pains. I am riding in a 50 mile bike race this summer to support the Make-A-Wish foundation, and I’m trying to do yoga once a week to supplement my other favorite exercises.

To those who are looking to make exercise a bigger part of their life, I leave you with a little wisdom from someone who’s been through the best and worst. ALWAYS find time to work out. In college, it wasn’t unusual for me to leave my dorm room at 7 am and not be back until 11 pm that night, without any homework done, and yet I would still stop at the gym for an hour before going home. Don’t make excuses. Also, switch up your routine as much as possible! Even if you’re training toward a specific goal, like a half marathon for example, add other cardio, yoga, and strength training to your schedule. This is especially nice in college when you have wonderful facilities and exercise classes to take advantage of! But most importantly, treat this as a process. Your goal should be to become happier and healthier and to find aspects of exercise that you love to do. Part of that also includes body peace – I may not look like a Victoria’s Secret angel, but I’m proud of my body for its strength and the amazing things it allows me to do. Having this mindset doesn’t come overnight. Ease yourself in and don’t be too hard on yourself while you go through this journey. 

Well, there’s my two cents. Please feel free to comment any questions or other tidbits of information you have to share! And hopefully I’ll be back again making a few other guest appearances on Petite Pastels with more specifics about my workouts! Tah-tah for now, 



I’m sure Emily will be back with some more of her wisdom soon (anyone rushing for a sorority?), and leave her some love down below! Let me know your favorite ways to stay active too!!